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Jun 11, 2020

This week it was my privilege to host Spoons bassist Sandy Horne on the show. I've been a fan since the early 80s, and it was great to chat with Sandy about Spoons stuff old and new, including the band's contribution to COVID-19 front line worker relief effort Back to the Basement, a virtual concert put on by Saturday June 13 (hence the advance airing of the episode).  

In addition to details on her participation in this project, Sandy and I also chat about how Spoons was formed through she and co-founder Gord Deppe being seated beside each other in high school band, the unusual origin of the 'doot-doot-doot' chorus of "Romantic Traffic", and how a 15-year-old Rob Preuss found himself surrounded by naked women backstage at one of the band's early gigs. The way she came up with her NSTS songs is awesome too. 


Horne's playlist: 

Judy Garland - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreaming

Hair Soundtrack - The Age of Aquarius

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway