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Feb 19, 2019

This episode is definitely for the low-fi indie rock crowd. I travelled to Seattle late last year and chatted with co-founder of premier indie label Barsuk Records Barry Gordon at the Starbucks Center. My good pal Kevin 'Wyatt' Reid also drops in for a few laughs.

Barry's music IQ is deep and sophisticated, and we talk about his role in discovering Death Cab for Cutie, watching Arcade Fire ascend to fame, loving The Smiths and Rush simultaneously, how to play 'guess-the Pitchfork-score', The Strokes as an opening act, and Bowie's unmistakeable influence on indie rock. It's fascinating to listen to Barry's musical acumen, coulda talked with him all day. Enjoy! 


Gordon's playlist:

Throwing Muses - Two Step

Ramona Falls - Clover

Sugar - Explode and Make Up

Death Cab For Cutie - Company Calls Epilogue

Maria Taylor - Xanax

Morrissey - Southpaw

David Bowie - Lazarus