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Nov 14, 2017

Episode 36 of No Sleep Til Sudbury takes place in Wilton, Connecticut, conducted from two comfy chairs inside the home belonging to my pally from the valley, mister Ian O'Malley.

I'd heard a lot of the hilarious stories from his VH1 days previously, but not these - among them his drunken nickname for Sting, Keith Richards' preferred method of quaffing scotch, and Roger Waters' rules when meeting fans. O'Malley is one hell of a storyteller, and he blends sentiment with humour without peer. You gotta hear this. 


O'Malley's playlist:

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away

The Rolling Stones - Slave

The Police - Invisible Sun

Tom Petty - Wildflowers

Rush - 2112 

Eric Jensen
almost three years ago

This is a great series, for anyone who really loves music!
Brett’s interviews are fun to listen to, and extremely informative; Highly recommended!