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Sep 16, 2019

Julian Taylor drops by the NSTS studios this week to talk skin-vibrating tunes. His new record Avalanche is a funk and soul tour de force, and if you haven't heard it yet, you should. Julian is a super talented musician and songwriter who should be a lot bigger than he is. 

We chat about his old band Staggered Crossing, a band I've loved since the late 90s, and lots of other stuff - the Funk Brothers, what sounds good and what doesn't sound good driving in his new '66 Mustang, bagpipe solos, hanging with Noel Gallagher, and more. But my favourite part of his visit was him playing an acoustic version of Staggered tune "Further Again". You're gonna love it.           


Taylor's playlist:

Sturgill Simpson - All Around You

Mipso - People Change

The Frighteners - Nothing More To Say

Greyhounds - What's On Your Mind

John Farnham - You're the Voice