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Mar 5, 2019

NSTS episode 99 features Ashley Jane and Timor Wientzek of folk pop duo In The City. It's always a treat to have organic musicians on the show, and these two did not disappoint. They were good enough to perform their current single "Best Time", a moving song about loss.    

During their visit, we chatted about Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi's mp3 dilemma, Tragically Hip lyrics, Timor's emotional reaction to Joni Mitchell, the pros and cons of streaming, and why Ashley called me 'every musician's dream'. Awww!  

In The City's playlist:

Phoebe Bridges - Emotional Motion Sickness

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

The O'Pears - Find the Sun

Haerts - Your Love

Big Thief - Shark Smile

Big Red Machine - I Won't Run From It

Barr Brothers - Defibrillation