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Nov 21, 2017

If you're a Canadian music fan of my vintage, you'll surely remember The Spoons and Honeymoon Suite. Rob Preuss played keyboards in both those bands, and he tells some great stories from those days in Episode 37 of No Sleep 'til Sudbury.

He joined The Spoons when he was only 15 (!), went on to Honeymoon Suite from there, and then later became the associate musical director for Broadway production Mamma Mia, and also played some piano in the Phantom of the Opera orchestra pit. During our conversation he stays true to the basic format of the show, talking about the songs that have made his skin vibrate over the course of his life and why. We also discuss our mutual childhood fondness for David Cassidy. Great guest, great chat.


Preuss' playlist:

Honeymoon Suite - Bad Attitude

Billy Joel - Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Helen Reddy - Angie Baby

Genesis - Deep in the Motherlode

The Partridge Family - Summer Days