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Jul 18, 2017

Killer Dwarfs singer Russ Dwarf and I get his birthday festivities started a day early in Episode 019 of No Sleep Til Sudbury, as Russ takes me through the playlist of songs that make his skin vibrate over a few Sapporos.

All the important stuff gets covered - classic Sudbury landmarks like The Coulson and the Brockdan, opening for Iron Maiden at Wembley and Hammersmith, The Dwarfs' very first gig in Oshawa, and what it's like to sing Rush songs alongside Rush's own Alex Lifeson. 

Happy birthday, Russ!


Russ' playlist:

Alice Cooper - Generation Landslide

Rick Derringer - Uncomplicated

Rush - Anthem

Max Webster - On the Road

Motorhead - Killed By Death