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Jul 19, 2021

Remember Creem magazine? Remember Lester Bangs? This week's NSTS guest, author and rock critic Jeffrey Morgan, worked for both of them. His new book, Rock Critic Confidential, opens with the original handwritten letter Morgan received from Lester Bangs, on Creem letterhead, inviting him to write album reviews for the magazine in 1974. 

Rock Critic Confidential is a fantastic read done in the style of a magazine, and includes all of the greatest moments of Morgan's writing and photography career. In Part One of my discussion with him, we talk book highlights - Morgan's chat with KISS from 1974 when they played a Toronto strip club, the time he administered a Rorschach inkblot test to Gary Numan, his three-hour lunch with Lou Reed, and chats with Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Stan Lee,  and more.