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Feb 22, 2021

Ray Coburn, original Honeymoon Suite keyboard player and current Roger Hodgson keys man, is my guest this week on NSTS, and we have a wonderfully giddy chat about our favourite music. 

We cover all kinds of ground in this episode - the genius of Brian Wilson, the peculiar ambivalence of The Carpenters, the spirituality of George Harrison, what it's like to perform alongside former Supertramp frontman Roger Hodgson, the beauty of musical nostalgia, and so much more. And to close the show, Ray also very graciously asks what my skin vibrating songs are. Highly enjoyable conversation.      

NEW FEATURE! A Spotify NSTS playlist is now available to you so that you can listen to the songs as we discuss them. Here's the link to this week's playlist:


Coburn's playlist:

George Harrison – Isn’t It A Pity

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Endless Enigma and Fugue

Joni Mitchell – Court & Spark

The Carpenters – Goodbye To Love

The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up