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Feb 8, 2021

If you want to have a great chat about music, Montreal-based radio personality, podcaster, and musician Jeremy White is your guy. He's my guest this week on NSTS, and it was a discussion I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Jeremy touches on all kinds of topics - how Yngwie Malmsteen almost killed him, the bionic ears of Mutt Lange, why Eddie Van Halen should never be called a shredder, how the 80s impacted KISS and Alice Cooper, and so much more. But most importantly, his outlook on music reminded me how important it is to be less critical and to just enjoy music for what it is - that a good song is just a good song.

White's playlist:

Van Halen – Top of the World

Shania Twain – She’s Not Just a Pretty Face

Def Leppard – Armageddon It  

KISS – Unholy

Bryan Adams – Don’t Drop That Bomb On Me