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Aug 10, 2020

It's here! The second half of my chat with the lovely Erica Ehm is now live, complete with the songs that make her skin vibrate (and that John 'JD' Roberts cliffhanger conclusion).

Erica's playlist was compiled as a retrospective of her life thus far, documenting childhood memories, her time at MuchMusic and the artists she befriended, motherhood and her connection to her mother, and driving Bono and the rest of U2 around Toronto in her mom's car. Erica also shares the silly reason why she was never permitted to interview U2 as a MuchMusic VJ. Enjoy!          


Ehm's playlist:

CSNY - Helpless

U2 - I Will Follow

Emmylou Harris - Ballad of a Runaway Horse

54-40 - I Go Blind

Cassandra Vasik - Which Face Should I Put On Tonight

Jann Arden - Good Mother