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Jan 22, 2019

Here's something different for you this week. Something I've thought about doing for a while now. It's a privilege for me to have guests of No Sleep 'til Sudbury play their music on the show, and there have been some really special musical performances across the 90+ episodes we've done so far. So I figured, why not assemble a few of them and make a unique live music playlist of my own? 

And so I have. Join me as I look back on some of my favourite NSTS performances, stripped-down versions of great songs from incredibly talented musicians, played with an intimacy and a purity that made my skin vibrate as they unfolded in front of me. Maybe yours did too.                  


The NSTS live performance playlist:

The Stephen Stanley Band - Melinda

Kelsi Mayne - Woman Waiting

Carl Dixon (with Ron MacLean) - Won't Back Down

Rob Preuss - Romantic Traffic 

Christina Martin - Impossible To Hold

Barney Bentall - Something To Live For

Rik Emmett - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas