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Apr 17, 2018

It was my pleasure to host Grapes of Wrath vocalist/guitarist Kevin Kane in the studio for Episode 56 of NSTS. I really admired this band during my university years, as a lot of their songs really resonated with me and still do. Kevin still performs with Grapes, but is now also a member of The Northern Pikes, another great Canadian band.

Kev and I have a great chat about the songs that make his skin (as he puts it) "wiggle", in addition to other things, such as how Steve Winwood got his Hammond organ sound, Jimmy Page as a hired gun, his obsession with the Stones' Exile On Main Street, why Chuck Berry records are scary, the making of the "All The Things I Wasn't" video, and what the four components of a classic album really are. And, as he often does, David Bowie works his way into the conversation. 


Kane's playlist:

Shack - Natalie's Party

Talk Talk - Desire

Go Betweens - Cattle and Cane

Sloan - The Good In Everyone

Queen and David Bowie - Under Pressure

Roy Harper - Commune

The Rolling Stones - Rocks Off