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Dec 19, 2017

Alright, we're doing something a little different tonight. Episode 41 is a previously unreleased, impromptu episode recorded during a night of drinking with my neighbour and close friend, mister Johnny Belton. The episode was recorded in early 2017 and shelved, but I decided recently it would be fun to put out there. We...

Dec 12, 2017

Former Lowest of the Low frontman Stephen Stanley joins me on episode 40 to do a Christmas edition of No Sleep 'til Sudbury. We chat about his new group The Stephen Stanley Band and their excellent new record, Jimmy & The Moon, and then we get into the holiday tunes that make his skin vibrate. 

Also discussed is the...

Dec 5, 2017

Joining me on the show this week is author and radio & television host of Living Fearlessly Lisa McDonald, who brings in all manner of musical genres with her No Sleep 'til Sudbury skin vibration playlist.
We chat about Led Zeppelin drum samples, the Radiohead Toronto stage collapse disaster (she was there), and...

Nov 28, 2017

Everyone's favourite curmudgeon Chris 'The Pink Chief' Long calls into the show - not
to talk about songs that make his skin vibrate, but to share his view of the world from
the DJ booth. He gets a pass for flouting the show format though, because music is
still the theme, and the stories he tells about the people he's...

Nov 21, 2017

If you're a Canadian music fan of my vintage, you'll surely remember The Spoons and Honeymoon Suite. Rob Preuss played keyboards in both those bands, and he tells some great stories from those days in Episode 37 of No Sleep 'til Sudbury.

He joined The Spoons when he was only 15 (!), went on to Honeymoon Suite from...